As cannabis becomes a more publicly welcome staple of polite society, it can also be a source of newfound anxiety for the uninitiated and the undereducated. Like fashion, sports, and politics, there are complexities to be grappled with, choices to make, and faux pas to avoid. Having the right knowledge will help, but having the right gear will add confidence and, in most cases, greatly improve the smoking experience. So we’ve put together a list of great products that are major upgrades for you and your loved ones, take the guesswork out of smoking, and help us all feel a little more chill.

#15. Herb Container

If your friend is still storing his weed in baggies in a shoebox in the back of his closet, and he’s not still living with his parents in some evangelical dystopia, upgrading his storage system will be a gift he’ll never forget. We like the simple jars, which will keep his strains fresh and secure behind airtight seals, without looking trashy. We suggest trying something like Herb Guard’s Smell Proof Stash Jar. It also comes with a humidity pack that can keep the herb fresh.


#14. Large Rolling Tray

This is definitely a must need if your best bud likes rolling. Herb can fall everywhere but once you try one of these it’s life-changing! We’ve tried the metal and plastic ones, they work just fine. I prefer bamboo trays like this one. There’s less leftover residue and looks very classy compared to the cartoony plastic ones. You can’t tell what it’s used for when not in use.